Monday, September 20, 2010

Yarn Ball Items

Many of the items you will see at the Yarn Ball are from actual members of the 3RC. I made this baby sacque because this year we had so few baby things.

Marlene knitted this beautiful cape, modeled by Maria.

Theresa knitted the "Steeler" hat and scarf, modeled by Rebecca. She also crocheted the next fabulous item. It is a Tunisian (esc stitch) bedspread. The photos look funny because the afghan is so long. I couldn't get the entire 'ghan into the photo. People had to hold it sideways. It was made to cover a single bed as a bedspread. This is a big feature item and we would like a donation of $150. You can see the helmet and border design in the photos.

Next, Karen made this Santa hat (there are 2 more), modeled by Amelia.

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