Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Projects

What have people been doing while snowbound?
Crocheting, of course!

Carol has a good start on a cover for her grandson's bed. She's working in strips and has planned that when the strips are put together they will actually look like blocks with borders.
You can begin to see the design as Sue and Carol hold up the strips.

Rebecca crocheted up a doily style rug using a large hook and 4 strands of yarn. This pretty item is headed for the Yarn Ball.

This lapghan was crocheted using Wool Ease Thick & Quick and is headed to the VA system in Aspinwall along with the hats. I used this opportunity to learn sc entrelac. This pattern is called around the world (the squares of each color are worked around but the work is turned at the end of each short row.) This 'ghan became rather heavy near the last row or two. So turning it a couple times every minute began to wear me out. The end came slowly as I needed frequent breaks! I thought the outcome was stunning and would make another one.

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