Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pat's Sweater

Anyone who has been following the blog for the past year and a little more should remember bits and pieces about Pat's sweater.

Pat determined she would make herself a sweater in the style of one of her favorite sweaters. We all loved the yarn and the color. We mentioned whenever Pat reached another milestone in her design. We were so pleased to see her continue and never give up even when things got tough. At different times knitters in the group helped Pat out.

But the great help was Shirley, who told Pat what to do, what not to do, and what came next. So just as proud are we are of Pat's accomplishment we also are proud of Shirley who never once stopped supporting her friend. We should all have such friends.

The sweater looks wonderful. Why isn't she wearing it? She says it's got wool in it and can't figure out how she ever purchased a yarn with wool. Well, perhaps she will wear something light under it. Because we would all love to see the sweater on her at the ball.

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Riva said...

I am SO inspired by my mom Pat's sweater. She is coming to Seattle saturday and I hope she can kick start me with MY sweater. Way to go mom!!!