Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Freeform and Breast Cancer Research

                                                                                   This past year Prudence Mapstone started a freeform  crochet project to support the International Breast Cancer Fund. Putting out the call for pink "scrumbles" that she would put together into items that would be auctioned off to raise money, she received pieces from literally all over the world. She put together purses, shawls, collars, etc. and made approximately 30 items that were put up for auction and raised over $2000. 

Well, of course, I sent in scrumbles. I think others did, too. Then I bid on the pink purse. There was someone in Seattle who wanted it, too, but I won! The pictures above are of the front and back of that same purse. (Just goes to show you what lighting does) If you look awhile you can start to discern the individual pieces that have been put together. Can you imagine getting all those pieces and putting them together in an attractive item? I'm aware that the purse is not to everyone's taste; it's even a bit bright for me. However, can you imagine someone coming up to you and pointing out a scrumble they had made and is now in your purse? It's great to have a unique item with such a charitable back story.     

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