Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yarn Ball: The Fashion Show Part 2

Well here I am in a jacket and designed by Dora Ohrenstein. Then I made a tank from the leftover yarn: knitted and crochetetd!

No one staued still for very long so on some of the pix we just
barely caught a look.

Shelli is wearing a vest she made years ago and has been
working mostly on gifts she has given away (can't wear those!). But she's making something for Larry (her DH) now; maybe he'll wear it next year?

Becky 's design shows much better without the the pumpkins peeking through! She's thinking of moving on to a sweater next. A group does that. Encourages and challenges you.

Lyn's wearing a design she basically changed so much it's really hers. Lace really becomes her.

Finally we have a lovely dragonfly vest that was made on a knitting machine. I've forgotten her name but she's certainly accomplished.

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