Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Three Rivers Crochet Presents...

Yarn Ball Afghans for Auction

In what is becoming a beloved annual event for our crochet group, this year's Yarn Ball features beautiful crocheted and knitted afghans for auction. The group decided, somewhat late in the game, to do another group project that would benefit a favorite charity, Rwanda Knits ( We quickly decided that squares and rectangles we would piece together should allow us to create at least one afghan and maybe two that we could auction off in time for the event. Well, the response to our request was overwhelming! Everyone dug into their stash and donated swatches from previous projects or made new ones especially for the event. Some members even solicited friends and co-workers for squares that they had around the house.

Well, OVERWHELMING is indeed a great word for it. We were able to piece together five beautiful afghans, plus have a bunch leftover for next year's Yarn Ball!

Pick out your favorite and then don't forget to bring your checkbook to the Yarn Ball to participate in this wonderful auction for charity! See you there!

Aran Rhapsody

Frilly Little Miss

Sweet Dreams



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